Get Britain Building … And Earn A Very Attractive Return

Despite the chronic housing shortage, small developers still find it hard to obtain bank finance. We are helping to get Britain building much needed homes by crowdfunding our property developments… Homes for the people, funded by the people.

If you are interested in earning an attractive return and helping to build much needed houses here’s what we can offer:

Return: 10% p.a. investing in the construction of our developments.

Security: First legal charge against the relevant land and property

Risk: Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – ensuring proper processes are followed to safeguard client funds.

Many of the risks traditionally involved in property development have been mitigated as:

  • All projects have full planning permission in place before we raise investment
  • Well established contractors on fixed price design and build contract are appointed. Penalties are payable if they go over the agreed schedule
  • No bank finance is involved so there is no risk of a bank stepping in and taking over (usually a significant risk with small developers)
  • Investors have first call on all profits
  • Properties are priced conservatively for a quick sale

Exit: Sale of properties

Typical investment period: 12 months

Minimum investment: £1000

To access full investment information, visit

Important Notice: Property values can fall. Your capital is at risk and returns may vary.

The House Crowd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. (FRN 725648)